Bridging the gap between technology and agriculture


Changing Agricultural

The Three Major Challenges
in today’s agriculture

Addressing the following challenges together is necessary for achieving sustainable progress in any of them:


Feeding a growing population


Providing a livelihood for farmers


Protecting the


Protecting the environment

At HUNMA Investment Group, we have a robust network of expert connections that includes operators, ag-innovators, and investors. This diverse group of like-minded thinkers allows us to effectively and efficiently seek out superior agricultural investments and capitalize on opportunities across the globe.

Our Focus

Strengthened by years of industry experience and inspired by a growing industry, we’re confident in our solutions being adopted globally across the below market segments:

Based on system
Based on application
Based on region

Our core-business focus

HUNMA Investment Group is dedicated to various facets of the agricultural industry. We seek out opportunities and provide superior resources for our investments. Through innovation and attention to detail, we work hard to secure the best returns for our investors.


Development of cultivation and processing


Scaling and Operation


Agricultural technology R&D


Investment & Financing


Importing and exporting raw materials and technology

Our Business Model


Our Philosophy

HUNMA’s philosophy is founded on four simple principles:

Low-Volatility Investing

Low-volatility investing provides investors with a solid and consistent return through interconnected processes.

& resilience

Diversified opportunities that will remain resilient in the face of an ever evolving market with unexpected stress factors

Innovation & sustainability

Adopting innovative and flexible approaches throughout the entire process is key to promoting sustainability from start to finish.

Pursuit Of

Repaying the good fortune of our decisions back to the world will continue the cycle of abundance and strengthen our investments for the foreseeable future.

The People behind

Innovative, Dynamic, Resourceful, Experienced

HUNMA Investment Group has a diverse and experienced team of over 100 experts with a proven track record in agriculture, particularly in innovation, genetics, project development, financial structuring, and research. The team is focused on sustainable projects and generating strong returns.

Eugene Guo

Chairman and Global CEO

Peipei Chen

Board Member
President of HUNMA Asia

Zong Sheng Guo PhD

Global Chief Scientific Officer

Liwu Zhou

Board Member
Chairman of HUNMA Asia

Marty Frank MBA

Global Chief Commercial Officer

Jean Parente

Sales Manager, Europe

David Sun

Managing Director, USA

Aya Tondokoro

Managing Director, Japan

Daniel Sun PhD

Global Senior VP of Research & Development

Yu Liang

Director of Hardware Engineering

Xiao Du

Director of Software Engineering

Yuen Wen Hsiung

Director of Operations

Valentin Grange

Digital & Product Manager

Jean-Baptiste Carraro

Creative Director

Douglas T. Sun

Business Development Manager, USA

Thomas Azwell PhD


John Welsh

Industry Development

Patrick Brown


Robert (Bob) Meyer


Brian Cui

Global Public Relations Manager

Liu Xinsheng

Public Relations Manager of HUNMA Asia